Check out my Business Launch from November ’10!   Leave a comment

This was an amazing experience in launching my business and hosting my first internet program. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Grab a snack and sit back and enjoy the music!! Keep it in tune…

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So what’s this business all about Tomi?   Leave a comment

Many people are asking me that and of course it is a logical question since I’ve said very little about it. That’s somewhat intentional because I’m still learning about it and want YOU to hear it from the PROS!! Basically, it is a platform for using video-based e-mail and production which I think my friends and colleagues in all branches of business will find compelling and perhaps useful. It works for training professionals as well as artists, photographers, musicians… anyone really. I’m excited about it and think you will be too!

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Check out these videos…   Leave a comment

These are friends of mine…

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Photos for you…   Leave a comment

Check these out from my latest photo shoot…

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Click on Picture to see video and RSVP

Hey everyone. I am excited to announce my business launch and can’t wait to see you there. Watch this cool video that I’ve done inviting you to attend and with information on how to get there! See you on November 7th!!

Click here for video

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New Blog for Tomisings   Leave a comment

Hey all. This is my first blog post on my new blog. I’ll get more stuff in here soon, just trying to set it up right now…

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